We are to be a sweet smelling fragrance to a lost and dying world!

John12:3 [Message] Mary came in with a jar of very expensive aromatic oils, anointed and massaged Jesus’ feet, and then wiped them with her hair. The fragrance of the oils filled the house.

Mary gave her most precious gift. The perfume was poured out. The bottle was broken. There was no fragrance until she broke the bottle.
She gave all she had to the Lord. This was an act of total surrender. A life to lose a life to be gained as we are poured out to others. Will you allow your life to be poured out to others? There are millions in the valley of decision who will tell them of Jesus love?

In my dream I looked at my perfume bottle. I saw that it was almost empty. I was concerned that the perfume was about to run out. In the natural I always buy perfume duty free and I had no ability to do so at this time. I filled the bottle with water. To my consternation as I looked at the bottle there was a chemical explosion in the bottle all the substances vaporized and poured out the top of the bottle leaving nothing in the bottle. I woke up at this point very disturbed thinking what do I do I have no perfume now! The bottle is empty!

God showed me that the perfume is the oil of the anointing the crushed olive releases the oil. If there is no crushing, there will be no oil! If we mix the oil of the anointing with the water of the Word of God we will have a chemical explosion which will flow out into all the world. God’s word is powerful, living and active. God’s word will bring life change. The vapour is the precious Gospel Of our Lord Jesus Christ that pours out to a lost and dying world. The Lord wants us to mix the anointing which he gives us to go into all the world with the living word of God and then there will be a chemical explosion as it goes out into all the world. We will take and be that vapour bringing life wherever we go bringing change because we bring a chemical explosion a vapour that permeates all it come sin contact with.

Denise Reid
Pastor, teacher, missionary
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