fcmpic2By the time you receive this Denise will be in North, Central and South America and the East of the Island for two weeks ministering there.
Please Pray though it appears to the world that the Restricted nation is opening up the situation in reality is worsening for the churches. Cuba is a communist nation with an extremely repressive regime resistant to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

3-4 years ago since she was there. Pray for safety in travel. God to move powerfully. for seeing eyes to be blind to her travel and accommodation.
For health and strength.

Pray for the pastors in this Restricted Nation who live on SIS USD a month in total poverty.

Pray for Kevin in NZ ministering and spending time with the family. He
will join Denise in the USA June I there. Pray for Rahab Ministries in R.A.N and Alabaster Jar Germany at this time with the passing of our dear friend Patricia Green recently.

Pray for the children in R.A.N as it is hot season there just now. Pray for their health. nutrition and schooling needs to be met. Pray  for health and strength. Pray for Pastor Grace to be in good health, gaining strength for ministering to the community and children.

Pray for the person from R.A.N who looks after the rice fields, for the rice to grow well and there to be a bumper crop.


Pray for Pastors family from R.A.N seeking to build a small house on their
property supporting projects.

Pray for them as they seek to love the tw0 abandon small girls who have
now become part of their family.

Praise God with us for a wonderful month in NZ ministering at Aglow’s churches” meetings.
spending time with family and friends, resting and recovering from the strenuous trips to R.A.N.
Praise God for the funding ofa sewing project for Pastor from R.A.N church where there are approx. 100 women unable to support their children and send them to school. $2,500 USD is now funded to get this
project underway. Praise God for the funding for Pastor Daniel received recently to allow the
purchase of a motor bike in North India for travel in the mountains of the
Himalayan region.

Thank you all

Denise and Kevin


Phone: 407 721 0576 USA NZ 950 4079

[09] deniseereid@gmail.com / kdereid@aol.com