Please praise God with us for the tremendous time of ministry and all the lives touched, transformed & changed during the extensive trip throughout the Himalayan region After a few days break in Bangkok Denise travelled alone for ten days to Restricted Asia Nation (R.A.N) and Marian returned to New Zealand.

For a wonderful rime in (R.A.N). It was hot as its hot season now in Asia. It was great to visit the family there and see the children are all healthy and growing. Pastor Grace who has had further kidney procedures is currently doing a ladies seminar in another area of the nation. It was wonderful to see Baby Miriam now almost 6 months old. A precious time was held with Pastor’s Kham and Loo No & the Paradise children as we ate ice cream and enjoyed wonderful worship from the children during a visit from the monks who brought food for the children. The local monastery has been sending the monks two or three times a week to bring food and clothing for the 39 children. Truly the Lord is their provider and He says the treasure of the wicked will be poured into our laps.

We travelled overnight to visit a wonderful statesman spiritual leader of the nation brother Ronnie now 86 years young and ministering powerfully. Praise God for the help given by our sister Rosemary Felix. In yet another bus trip Denise, Moses & Samuel travelled to church services and a seminar there.

Praise God for all that was accomplished in the five days there. Praise God with us for the awesome testimonies to what God had done in the previous visit. This woman here was bleeding for ten years and after prayer she was totally healed. She testified to seeing Jesus in a glorious heavenly experience. The Pastor and family on the left testified that the prophetic words had all come true over their family in stunning ways. The mother was despairing with ill health & discouragement.

The Lord healed, changed & transformed her life after a word that God was putting a hedge around them & attack would come but they would be protected. The whole family was sleeping one night when an attacker cut off their power & attacked the oldest girl cutting her throat in two places! The younger girl heard her gasping, called the parents who then in the dark took the child to hospital as there was blood everywhere! She was miraculously saved!

Many people had glorious heavenly experiences, seeing Jesus, angels and the glories of heaven.

Denise flew on to Thailand for a week with Paul & family at the Shoulder to Shoulder near Chiang Rai. It was a good time with the family with an opportunity to speak to the students at Wednesday evening devotions.

Please Pray with us:

Intense love does not measure, it just gives.

“Love cannot remain by itself— it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is service.” –  Mother Teresa

Pray for Paul studying & language learning & Kim teaching English as they seek the Lord regarding involvement & ministry across the nations while working with Shoulder to Shoulder & FCM.

For Daniel & Sofia to learn the language & for them to make friends and develop relationships with others of their age.

For the Children’s Initiative & Sewing project. What a joy it was to give ten widows their own sewing machines to that they could begin to be self supporting. Pray for the children starting in the learning program —for the purchase of the computers, and all equipment. For the minisfty of Pastor Rathanababu & his churches for growth, for God to move powerfully.


To Uganda March 12 -24

To NZ 26 March

We are His hands and feet to bring His love. We have travelled thousands of miles on rough, terrible roads and survived! Pray for Denise with two rugged bus trips! And much more traveling. Pray for Denise as she travels ministering in Uganda for safety & protection for God to move powerfully

Pray for Kevin busy in NZ for the doors that have opened for him to minister.

Pray for special Brother who has recently lost his wife after over 50 years of marriage that the Lord will draw near & comfort him.


Continue to pray with us for the provision of a fence to bring safety and security at the College. •

For unity and love to operate in all members of the College Board in all decisions made.

Pastor Lawrence is doing well, he is now living in the village having a period of recovery.

Pray with us for the College Principal Pastor Moses and staff and for the students studying.

For peace and safety  for all peoples of all races and religions in Myanmar.

For the Lahtoi family  and 15 children.

For Samuel, MaChuani, Miriam & Gabriel and Pastor Grace & the church as they seek to hear from God and do what He says.

For Pastor Grace for her health and strength she continues to have small kidney stones Pray for health, strength & financial provision.

Pray with us for North Asia Region – for provision of all their needs.

for Pastor Daniel Elisabeth & Richmond Olivia, & Amara in this difficult time, for wisdom, safety & protection for this precious family as they seek to bring the love of Jesus. That they may prosper and be in health. For Elisabeth in her hairdressing job. For Daniel as he studies for his Masters of theology. They have recently been involved in a medical outreach in a village nearby.  For Pastor Gopalje and family for divine health & strength. For wisdom & direction.


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Please pray for finance to be released & people to travel with Denise. Teams are needed for the Nations. Thanks so much for your prayers & love. We so appreciate all that you do and the way you are empowering nations and sharing in all that is done.

Denise and Kevin Reid

Dour Corners Ministries