fcmpicPray for Kevin in NZ ministering and with family .
Pray for Denise in R.A.N. ministering Feb 24 ~ March
4 in Chin State in a Crusade and Conference. There is

much travel involved. Pray for Denise travelling to NZ
March 4.

Pry for Marian, Jamie & team recovering after a
strenuous season of travel & ministry.

Praise God with us

For miracles signs and wonders, a demonised,
dumb man and a paralysed woman healed and

For the team from R.A.N who travelled and
ministered with us. Pray for Pastor Adam from
R.A.N who is baptising new believers in secret in a
persecuted region where they are killing Christians. His
church was destroyed and his h0use burnt. He lived in the
jungle for three years. He is a delightful musician but his
guitar and key board were destroyed during the

Many Conferences and seminars were held across the region and lives were gloriously changed.

Praise God for the wonderful team who assisted Denise in all the Conferences
across the region.

There are so many needs so many need our help, so much needs to be done.
Thanks for y0ur love and prayers. Denise and Kevin

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POBox 48183 Blockhouse Bay Auckland NZ