Gods greatest commandment for the New Covenant believers. Wow Wow and Wow we have been born for this time, to have fruitfulness in our lives. This is normal Christianity, fruitfulness asking and seeing the delivery arrive safely. I’m so Excited, in awe, amazed, the royal priesthood of believers gathering and releasing the presence of God upon the earth. Hallelujah, not by might , nor by power, but by His Spirit. Wow wow and wow, more Lord, more Lord. God’s Word alive preached, and Gods nature confirming the Word with healing, salvation, deliverance. Normal Christianity in a supernatural world, open your arms and embrace the coming reformation of our understanding.

We are at the first six month in Thailand . Praise God all proceeded as He orders. God has brought us here for such a time as this. Esther’s calling is upon our lives and will be fulfilled in the proceeding days. We need to seek the Lord in Spirit and truth, calling upon Him with hunger, persistence, deep desire for Divine strategy to bring the harvest home. The field is truly golden, ripe ready for the sickles to bring the harvest into the threshing floor.
The excitement of living by faith is amazing, Gods ever present daily refreshing. Working diligently to build this 11m x 22m concrete Boys home, with above average environmental conditions. Father God sustains and guides in all the small details of life. Communication and daily meeting Him positions us, for the lifestyle of drawing all people into the presence and love of the Holy Spirit. At all times lets be watchmen praying, steadfast, sure of His provision and solutions, praising and worshipping Abba Father until He moves His hand .
Jesus Commands us to Action! Say ” I’m not going to stop praying, praising and worshipping until Jesus comes!” Watch what God does through your prophetic voice. This Glory release is upon the foundation of worship, worship, worship to the King of Kings. Arise and shine. The Bridegroom is calling you.
HOLY wholly devoted is easy to say, but actioned is a mindset against the world.
The building project has been the focus this month of May, different activities got pushed aside. Like Paul’s language learning, some of Kim’s English classes. It has to be all hands on deck up at the building site. You know they say many hands make light work, absolutely true. We have a student workforce that fluctuates and received the crazy foreigners with enthusiasm and amusement, this is dwindling as schools reopen after summer holidays.
If any volunteers want a project in Chiang Rai, we can organize a truly unique life changing experience. Also there are many ministry conferences taking place across Asia. Myanmar, Nepal, India, Chiang Rai Thailand, to name a few. Interested people please check out Four Corners Ministries website for details or email us.
Daniel is growing taller and stronger, will be bigger than his daddy. Developing mightily in the Spirit of excellence and understanding, a Character aspect in young people’s lives we need to cultivate. As Kim stated, Time invested in our Youth, is better than giving them money. Sophia’s pretty happy with life here. We work hard to make it easier for them at this transition time. They have adapted smoothly and are shaping up to be long term missionaries.


Paul and Kim Reid are devoted to share the Gospel in Chiang Rai North Thailand. They are vision is to reach the region with the message of God’s kingdom, helping people to experience the transforming power and love of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Our passion is not just following Jesus, but helping others know and follow Him. This begins with those God has placed in our area of influence and flows to those in others.

Paul and Kim Reid with their two children Daniel 13 years Sofia 11 years working in Chiang Rai North Thailand.

Bible english classes 




Taking the Gospel home to home
Manifesting God’s love by living in committed relationships with others

Empowering the young generation

Ministry to the young people of Thailand includes student ministry, English classes and camp, mission teams, performing arts and etc.