Consider coming on a team trip!
Do you want to move in the supernatural?

Come and make a difference
Pray with us for people to travel to minister the love of Jesus. . We must equip and bring change.
l. UGANDA – 2015 October to 23 arrival in Kampala exit November 1O – l8 days Conference, Bible
School,  churches. Micro enterprise projects, building.
October 2-3 weeks 2016
CALL US FOR MORE DETAILS. Working with the restricted church, Conference, Amazing

2. R.A.N. 2 weeks or three weeks – 3rd Fehmary to 24 th February — Conferences,
empowerment, equipping nationals, empowering women.
3. R.A.N. twice a year – August/Sept 2-3 weeks. Conference, orphan visits, birthdays, family

February 7-10 days

Pray with us for the R.A.N. region for for pastors as they build a new home on the property for the three children.
Richmond’s studies in Hindi which he is finding difficult. For the sewing project started with ten ladies in R.A.N. region to enable them to be self supporting and educate their children.

Pray for Samuel, Machuani, Baby Gabriel , Pastor Grace. The fifteen children and workers. Sarah is being married shortly. Pray for her wedding preparations. This is rainy season.
Pray for the children to remain in good health. For provision of finance and food. For a great rice harvest
from the fields. For all Conference planning.

Uganda Pray for Moses Principal of Vision Bible College Pray for provision for the lecturers for
finances to be released.

Starting of a chicken project, all to help them become self supporting. For the students in their studies.

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