Denise travels to London October 16th and on to Uganda on October 22.

Praise God with us:


God is a faithful to answer our prayers. We had safe travel & awesome meetings throughout the month spent on the East Coast. 

10984246_10206031424239462_29330209406433987_nDenise recovered fully to health and strength after sickness from contaminated water from the disaster in an Asian restricted  Nation in the national emergency.

For appointments in place for Uganda & Rebecca a Ugandan lady who will travel with Denise throughout the time in Uganda. 

Money received for the chicken project Uganda 

Aid money received for the Disaster which enabled aid to be delivered in September 

Pray with us  for : 


Pray that strongholds of deceit, lies, jezebel, division, and greed will be broken over all that is done here.

Pray for Pastor Suresh

[seeking to establish the church and bring new focus in the work. He needs goats in order to become more self supporting. Two goats cost $150  

11892010_10206043498701316_7268215999096043785_nPray for Pastor Gopalje for health & strength. For the release of 2600 $ for printing 1000 books which will bring great spiritual breakthrough across this needy nation.

for funding For the Conferences in January, February. 

Uganda for wisdom and direction during the visit there. For the discussion & setting up of projects there. To enable progress in the initial stages to assist them to become self supporting. For unity and love in all that is done – For the College Board to have clear vision & hear from God.

For the Conference, crusade & church ministry. For lives to be transformed, many to come to Jesus & God’s love to be poured out, miracles, signs & wonders. 

For safety in travel, health & strength for Denise as she travels ministering every day.

Restricted Asian Nation : 

Pray for wisdom  & direction for Samuel as he seeks to help those in need. 

Please if you feel to help with the great needs to feed families and provide aid to these believers – you can send gifts to Samuel for use to buy aid for these suffering people. 

For Sarah [Samuel’s sister] getting married on October 31. She has worked with Pastor Grace for many years. Pray for her now as they separate & Sarah starts her new life with Shine.

For Grace as she faces looking after 16 children alone! This is a very big challenge. Pray for help for her and the money to pay the worker.

For a great rice harvest with an abundance of rice. For favor for Samuels business ventures to not only be successful but release much finance for the family & those in need. 

TEAMS :   Please pray for people to travel with Denise  who have a heart for empowering nations 

Denise is constantly travelling alone! Please is their anyone out there with a heart to empower nations? We need you! 

  11918954_10206041915581739_5576943563050741076_n 11893997_10206008893916218_987904402656367523_o 11924228_10206012066075520_4381867474646909350_n


Pray for the rice harvest 
Pray for support
for the sewing project 
for money to extend this to make these women self supporting  & get their children educated.

For the 17 Bible College students 

For the right projects to feed & empower the College

For the graduation
in November 

For Denise teaching and visiting here in Soroti 

For health & strength for the children during this rainy season. 

The Disaster still continues with difficulty now in reaching K city due to the bridge again being destroyed. Please Pray for the believers suffering greatly there with contaminated water, destroyed fields, little food and many living under tarpaulins as rainy season continues! 

Will you help us do more? 

1506618_10204519817850247_3587314135533277363_nPastor Daniel  & Elisabeth who have experienced terrible betrayal, rejection, abandonment  in these past months. Pray for healing from the hurt & pain and God’s love to be poured into their lives. They are seeking permits for the building of a house on the property and the local authorities create & delight in delays in order to extract  graft money from those applying .  

You can sow seed by: 

In The USA 


Sending to Four Corners Ministries Inc 91645 Overseas Hwy Tavernier FL 33070 Donations my also be made through PAYPAL




• Four Corners Ministries Acct 003449904670 Bank of America Tavernier FL . Four Corners Ministries Acct 3021362004 PNC Bank Seymour IN Donations may be sent to Four Corners Ministries PO Box 1079 Tavernier FL 33070
or  Four Corners Ministries PO Box 1157 Seymour IN 47274 


For current information visit our FACEBOOK 

In NZ credit to Westpac New Zealand :__West Pac Four Corners Ministries Acct No. 03 1556 0126869- 000 Four Corners Ministries P O Box 48183 Blockhouse Bay Auckland NZ. 



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We need people to travel. Please consider one of these trips. 


1. UGANDA    October   to 23rd arrival in Kampala exit  November 10   18 days Conference, Bible School , churches. Micro enterprise projects, building.

October 2-3 weeks  2016

CALL US FOR MORE DETAILS. Working with the restricted church, Conference, Amazing scenery.


2. HIMALAYAS    2 weeks  or three weeks 3rd February to 24 th February – Conferences, empowerment, equipping nationals, empowering women.

3. Restricted Asia Nation, twice a year – August/ Sept 2-3 weeks. Conference, orphan visits, birthdays, family ministry, churches. Empowerment, encouragement, strengthening churches, travel, scenery.

February 7-10


4. BULGARIA – August 2016 ten days 

5. AFRICA –Uganda   August 2016 

5. RESTRICTED ASIAN NATION 2 weeks  September 


Plan now. Start saving. You can make a difference today! 

Thanks for your prayers and support -we love you and value what you do. 

Your’s in Him          

Denise and Kevin

Phone 407721 0576 or 4077330431