Four Corners Ministries

Team Opportunities

Ministry opportunities for 2024-2025 needed!

Ministry opportunities for 2024-2025 needed!
June Missions in a restricted beloved nation. Contact us..two weeks.
November..two weeks in Asia visiting the severely restricted nation. ministering and encouraging persecuted believers.
 January -February 2025  North Asia three nations. 21 days of action-packed ministry …conferences and churches… 
 contact us for details.

Contact Denise for further details and costs within the nations.

Itinerant Evangelism. Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations.

Format: Church meetings, Tent meetings, Healing meetings, Evangelism.

Are you ready for a mission trip? 

Come and experience change. Contact us today. It is looking like mid-year June 2024 would be a good time to travel. Please prayerfully consider coming… the doors are open and Denise is returning to Asia to a restricted nation in the civil war in June and again in November. 
Jesus commands us to go. Are you willing to obey? We need people to come to two nations in January/February 2025 to North Asia. Do you hear the voice of the Lord and the cry of the people “Come. over and help us?” It’s a Macedonian call…will you answer? Many years ago, an older woman obeyed. She saw someone in the next room calling her to come and, in obedience to her heavenly vision, she traveled with me for many years until Jesus took her home.

Location: In any Country, City, Town, Church, Hall or Home.

By: Invitation or Spiritual Direction.

Sponsored by donations from other Christians.

Four Corners Ministries, Evangelists, have in the past traveled into many restricted nations including Russia, Thailand,  Bulgaria,  Spain, Britain, Latin America, Mexico, Kenya, Uganda, Middle East, New Zealand and within the U.S.A.

  • Equip, train, empower and encourage workers. People traveling on an Apostolic Prophetic teams bring breakthrough and empowerment wherever they minister.
  • Empower and bring breakthrough to persons within churches and groups in the U.S.A and NZ.
  • Release all conference participants in the Apostolic and Prophetic in order to empower and strengthen the national church. To release all participants to function in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Equip and train through conferences, leaders and pastors in other nations.
  • Equip and empower national leaders by encouraging them to travel with us and be part of the team.
  • Equip, Empower and Impart the anointing to oppressed women across Asia through conferences.
  • Speak Breakthrough and change atmosphere.