11924751_10206043454500211_2028670338087862395_nWhat a joy to serve the King. God is so good. Truly it is a joy to see faces light up and lives transformed as they
come to Jesus. Christians all their lives but with no relationship with the Lord. How wonderful to know like Esther we
 are born for such a time as this. Born to bring hurting people to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Born to bring Gods love and mercy, Born to bring his glory and encouragement. About 80- 100 people came to Jesus at the firat village where we travelled forty miles to Canam close to the India border.

Can you imagine the joy, fun and pleasure a simple wristband with a Bible verse purchased in a pack of 150 on line could be to a people, who have lost everything. I was mobbed as they all wanted one! I wished I had brought a dozen
bags! It was fun!!

All their belongings and their nice houses surrounded by flowers and trees in a very pretty village, everything they possessed was washed away! The little stream now a river raged through destroying everything in its path. Total destruction, everything gone, left only with their clothes!

Can you imagine waking at 2am to a strange noise! Getting up, going outside, and seeing nothing! You cannot go
back to sleep! Something is happening but you dont know what!

Again at 3am the noise comes and you go to look. Again nothing! Your whole village is up, listening, wondering,

11914504_10206044559967847_3338402318038572200_nSuddenly at 5am a roaring noise as 100 acres of mountain descends on your village, in a deluge of mud and
water as a natural dam and lake bursts and descends to destroy everything in it’s path! The horror, the desperation as
you climb the trees to escape the sudden destruction and save your life and the lives of those with you. Even the Very
old were found in the trees. Praise God they were all saved.

Everywhere we went on this recent trip to R.A.N region there was disaster! Rice fields now timber
yards! I have never seen such destruction and devastation. The fields are like earthquakes have tipped them upside
down. 20-30 ft of water in many buildings, trees dying due to being underwater for three days, all the animals, the peoples livelihood destroyed. There is such need! Poverty was evident before, but now the people have nothing! Along the malls there were tent villages, people safe but with nothing!

There is no insurance to apply for! No help freely available! No aid agencies can help! Truly my heart was broken!