11824121_1191299474229669_450548367_nWe were requested to day for Denise to travel to Kalay to a small town on the border of Chin State where the
area has been devastated by the recent flooding. This is a disaster area where a Christian village has lost

There is no clean water, sanitation and the people are now homeless with no food or aid, astated and flooded. Many lives have been lost. Homes have been destroyed. areas isolated. People have lost everything. Houses. Roads and bridges are gone. Food is unobtainable and is being rationed. Rice is costing 120$ a bag !

If you want to help Denise — She leaves August I7 and you can sow seed to aid these hurting people. Money to help them is so necessary.


11802174_1191296887563261_1203893406_nFor Denise, Samuel and Moses as they travel. They will fly to Kslay and travel by car to the village
which is a disaster area.

For safety in the village – for God’s love to be poured out

For health and strength -the water is bad the small teribble for protection from typhoid and cholera
For the sick to be healed – for God to move in power as they seek to love these hurting people

She will be in R.A.N. from 22 August until Sept 7.


You can sow seed by:


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Thanks for your prayers and support -we love you and value what you do.


Your’s in Him

Denise and Kevin!