11947435_10206037004258959_4646695679584867937_n PRAISE GOD WITH US AS WE SEE HIS GRACE IN ACTION
WE LOOK AND SEE HIS PROVISION & PROTECTION as HE has moved the SAINTS to reach out and help brothers and sisters in a place of disaster.

Denise wrote from R.A.N.,

Thank you so much to those Who responded to the current unfolding emergency of disaster flooding
in R.A.N. Thank you to those of you who gave to help us deliver 60 bags of rice, beans, 30 bags of
charcoal, bags of dried fish, 200 mosquito nets and 15 rolls of tarpaulin to provide emergency shel-
ter. We are in the prooas of digging a well to give the people uncontaminated water and stop typhoid

and diarrhoea.

11844075_1190707347622215_1331882823_nWe could not do it wthout your help and prayers. Thank you for those who prayed for safety
for me and for seeing eys to be blind!! We saw no sign of police or miltary. When I got mail
a few days before I left R.A.N region on August 17 I never dreamt that this was Gods new
plan! We have never been involved in disaster relief, as you will know, but recognising the
timing and plan of God we asked for help.

l was amazed Wnen I was reminded by a R.A.N leader with whom I have worked that
many people in this devastaed area know me from previous conferences among them. How
blssed we were when we were greeted at the airport, and assisted with transport in all we
did. Truly this was Gods appointment in every way.

It will take years for natural recovery. The peoples food sources have been totally de-

Fields will never recover ouside the miracle working power of God. People who were entirely
independent, self-supporting are now rendered destitute. What a privilege to go and
pour out the love of Jesus. Everywhere we went the need was so great. It was over-

preaching the Gospel bringing love in ever form physically and spirituallyWe went to assess the damage and see what can be done to help. We were shocked
at what we found! In one village of 513 families Where the houses were intact but
filled with six feet of thick mud and terrible stench, the people had no food and their
rice fields were all destroyed! Now the fields are timber yards! They asked us
please will you give us just one bag of rice! One bag of rice for so many people!! My
heart broke how I wished we could do more!

We sent ten bags of rice, ten of charcoal to cook the rice.
We encouraged them that this is the day of miracles they need to ask God to multiply What ever they
get, believe the Lord for His provision. It will be more than a year before they can produce food again!

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