Four Corners Ministries

Administration and Promotion of the ministry

This activity is primarily based in the U.S.A and N. Z.

The success of this ministry in part depends upon an ongoing support from the Developed Nations.

This implies the need for newsletters, promotion of activities, information about ministry opportunities. There is a large undertaking to put together future travel for teams.

Planning and scheduling of seminars, teaching opportunities, church visitation and the planning of accommodation, booking of air travel etc. The extent of this activity is directly proportional to the support the ministry can attract & to the contrary the ministry cannot expand unless this function is in place to attract the support required.

There is an increasing need for more volunteer help from persons who have traveled as team members and persons desirous of serving the Lord in an effective training capacity. It is planned to extend the NZ base to allow the extensive use of more volunteers.

With the rapid expansion of the ministry over this past two years it is important to have more volunteer help. Should you feel you can help in any way please contact the ministry in the U.S.A. or NZ.