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Four corners ministries. Prayer Update

There are millions in the valley of decision.Who will tell them of Jesus love?

Opportunities to Sow

Jesus said we are to help the widows and orphans

We helped this widow in A.R.N with $500 to buy this washing machine enabling her to be self

supporting. She will repay this over 1 year.
This lady leases this stall she wishes to purchase it to be self supporting. The cost is $1000 we are believing toenable her.
When we do this wesfsf

empowering the church to break the poverty
cycle. Will you sow to enable and empower widows & orphans and empower the churches? Please Pray
Denise and the team are ministering in the A.R.N till late February.
Pray for unity, health, strength and safety as they travel on difficult roads in the mountains.Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 2.11.23 AM

Pray for the glor of God to be poured out. For Gods love to bring transformation. They have a very full program with many conferences.
Praise God with us for the time in A.R.N God moved wonderfully n a visit to a children’s home.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 2.11.36 AMThank you all for your love, prayers and faithful giving to enable us to reach the unreached in these restricted regions
We love you all, Denise and Kevin

Send your seed to Four Corners Ministries. USA 9165 Overseas Highway Tavernier 33070 Florida USA

or NZ PO Box 48183 Blockhouse Bay Auckland NZ.