– Praise God with us for Denise’s Amazing recovery from surgery when she had double knee implants in March in India. She is walking well, climbing 100 stairs at a month postoperative and doing 20 minutes daily on the excercycle.

– Praise God for the wonderful gifts which have enabled us to send another

$3500 USD to Uganda for the bore. So we Praise God that at last we will see water on the property enabling the staff, students and workers and plants to be supplied with water.

– Praise God with us for all the wonderful opportunities Denise and Ros had while in India to testify to the many people in the hospital.

– Ten days ago Denise went to hospital with a 3 inch by 4inch clot in her right leg. The blood tests confirm ed a clot, and they gave an injection of heparin blood thinner. The next day after a scan of the leg the Dr declared they could find nothing it was all clear. We had a miracle. We Praise God for His faithfulness and love.

picWe Praise God for the many miracles and transformed lives during the period of ministry across the Restricted Asia regions during January through March. Hundreds of lives were touched and changed. Praise God for the wasthe young woman in Bhutan who was in a demonic coma for two days during our Conference there in 2015.
We Ministered deliverance to her. She testified this year to a transformed life in every way. Praise God for what He is doing in Ambootia. In this remote tea garden very far from anywhere God moved’. We visited almost reluctantly as it had been a place of disaster spiritually, fighting. division and church split. How amazed we were to find the little church overflowing with people and all on them unbelievers. By the end of the vibrant service we were excited to see all the unbelievers find new life in Christ and when we prayed for them and they fell down on the floor they were spontaneously baptized in the Holy Spirit.



Elections have just been held in N. India –

Please pray for the release of the permit to enable DANIEL & ELISABETH to build their house. Zonings have changed creating difficulty and wisdom is needed. Pray for favor as they seek to have a house to live in with their family of three .

Pray for Samuel working to evangelise and bring aid in he disaster areas. The people need everything they are left with nothing and no ability to earn as the rice fields & all animals are destroyed.

Pray for Pastor Grace Samuel. MaChuani & Gabriel now 1 year & the family of 15 children. It was wonderful to see them and spend time with them in March when we visited them.

pic2While in Kalaymo with Pastor Andrew and Gabriela we visited an area with the local pastor. This whole area lacked water due to the disaster in September. Hundreds of people without clean water!

The local well was terribly polluted and only produced mud! The Pastor is writing asking for help to dig a well. Will You pray with us for this need to be met?

Pray for Denise and Kevin in NZ with the family. For Denise recovering from surgery and taking a rest.

Team trips

1. Uganda: January 7-10 days, bible School, churches. Micro enterprise projects, building 2017;

2. R.A.N. and NORH INDIA: January – February 2017 Call us for more details. Working with the restricted church, Conference, Amazing scenery.

3. R.A.N.: 2017; 2 weeks of three weeks January – February. Conferences, empowerment, equipping nationals, empowering women.

4. R.A.N. twice a year —March & Sept 2-3 weeks. Conference, orphan vists, birthdays, family

ministry, churches. Empowerment, encouragement, strengthening churches, travel, scenery.


We need people to travel. Please consider one of these trips.

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Please pray for Vision Bible College for the animal projects & fields to produce & multiply. Pray for the

ginger to germinate and produce.

Pray for Pastor Lawrence the farm manager and his family of six.

Pray for the twenty five students underway with their year of study. Pray for them as they work on the land as part of their fee payment and study.

Be blessed.

Thanks so much for your prayers & love.

Denise and Kevin Reid